Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Jaime's sister's boys will be visiting Austin for two weeks! They came over yesterday to play for a while and had such a blast together. Quinn thought it was really funny to chase them around our backyard, although she was never fast enough to actually catch them! Here are a couple pictures of the evening:

Look at the two little ones looking up at Bo!  From left to right Troy (2), Bo (5), Quinn (2).

These are their "silly" faces

This was so cute!  Every time Bo sat down, the other two did as well!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Every year, Jaime's company has a weekend long summer regional meeting/vacation for all of its employees and their families.  I love going on these mini-getaways but this year was the best yet because we decided to take Quinn with us.  This year it was at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.  This place was amazing!  It is a huge indoor and outdoor waterpark with lots of other fun activities for kids.

Although we didn't travel too far for this vacation, I have to say it was one of my favorite that we've been on and I think it was because Quinn had such a great time.  From the very beginning of our trip she was beyond excited- maybe because we were finally taking her on a trip with us and not going without her!  She was literally running around the day we left and throwing almost everything she could find in our suitcase.  Then when we drove up to the Great Wolf Lodge she was screaming and squealing with excitement.  This attitude lasted throughout our trip and we couldn't have been happier or more proud of her behavior.  She was such a little delight and we look forward to having many more family trips like this one!

In her pajamas waiting for story time to start in the lodge.

This was an animated story time stage. 

Lots of people waiting for story time!

It's story time!

Part of the outdoor pool

Taking a break under the shade

This girl has the life!

Daddy was in a meeting so this was my attempt at a Mommy-Daughter photo. 

Arts and crafts at the "Cub Club"

Computer games at the "Cub Club"

Quinn thought this little reading raccoon was the funniest!

Looking at insects in the microscope

Playing arcade games- or thinking she is.  I never put a coin in any of the games but she thought she was playing them all just by pressing the buttons and pulling the knobs!

Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe

Checking out the fish at the Rainforest Cafe

This will definitely be one for the memory books!  Now one more week of swimming lessons left and our next vacation to New Mexico!  This little girl is going to be a regular fish by the end of this summer!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Doggy Dad

Jaime is a phenomenal Dad.  Not only does he take care of his ladies so well but he is always in a great mood and spends any free moment he has playing and entertaining Quinn.  Her newest thing is pulling him around on a leash like he is her dog.  "Sit, and stay" are a few of her favorite things to tell her Doggy Dad. 
If this doesn't get Dad of the Year, I don't know what does?

Speaking of amazing Dads, I just so happen to have one myself!  And as life takes its turns, he is currently taking care of his Dad (my Papa) who has a cancerous tumor on his spine.  My Dad and Papa headed to Nashville, TN on Monday for several weeks to undergo a couple surgeries to remove the tumor.  After having radiation and chemotherapy, my Papa's doctors felt that the tumor was not shrinking enough and would need to be removed.  So, our much planned and anticipated trip to New Mexico for our family reunion will be very different this year without my Dad and Papa.  Don't worry--Jaime has already made it clear he is going to fill in for my Dad as the "Man" on the trip.  :)  Any prayers sent for a safe removal and hopefully cancer free return to New Mexico for my Papa will be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Close one

We had a very close call today!  There was a 60 acre brush fire in our neighborhood!  We are so fortunate that the fire did not reach our house but there for a while we were not sure what the outcome would be.  Here is a local newscast from our neighborhood elementary school:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday Quinn and I watched a good friend's baby, Easton.  It was good practice for us both to have a baby in the house!  He is such a good little boy and Quinn was so ecstatic about helping him drink his bottles, change his diapers, eat his baby foods, and play with his toys.  She did have a little meltdown when it was time for her to take a nap since he was still awake and playing.  She cried herself to sleep saying "I'm all done with my bed!  I need to get out!."  I was so proud of her for staying in bed and not getting out, especially when she knew we were having fun with her toys! 

Here is a picture of us on a walk in our new double stroller:  This thing will surely come in handy in a couple of months!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend at a Glance

Wow- June has been one busy month! Our calendar is literally full almost every weekend in June. This weekend we had a great time celebrating Jaime's Mom's retirement and spending time with her sisters from Tennessee. Here are a couple pictures from our fun filled weekend:

A girl can never have too many accessories, right? 

Speaking of accessories- Quinny found these fake glasses that I used to wear on the 50th day of school when I was teaching 1st grade- she wore them all weekend!  To Lowes, HEB, the mall, everywhere!

Good times at the mall!

At Jaime's parents for the retirement party.  Jaime's mom is wearing the hawaiian lay. :)

Jaime and his aunts.  I'm sure now you know where Quinn's blue eyes and light hair comes from!
 It was great to see family and celebrate Jaime's mom!  Everything on our end seems to be going pretty well.  Little baby Joshua is moving around quite a bit and is growing more and more.  I pulled a muscle in my back on Thursday so I've been resting and trying to take care of that.  We also put Quinn in her toddler bed now since I think part of my back problems were coming from trying to get her in and out of her crib every day.  She loves her "big girl bed" as she calls it and has continued to nap and sleep through the night in it with no problem.  She still waits for me to go get her when she wakes up- I hope she can keep this up especially when the baby comes!