Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Photos and the Latest

I've been a horrible blogger the past few months, eek! The whole reason I'm doing the blog is to have in place of baby books so I better keep up. One day I'll turn these posts into a book and when we're old we can look back and lament on the way things used to be! Several weeks back we took family photos with a dear friend of mine, Jen Loves Photography and Design and we're so amazed with the sweet moments she was able to capture! Especially since Quinn decided she wasn't going to smile or talk! Jen's got some talent!! We did take some family photos of all four but I'm not going to show those since we'll use them on our Christmas card. Here are a couple that I loved:

Aren't they great photos?  We even had one with both kiddos smiling!  Victory!!

Things at home have been BUSY to say the least.  Joshua is on the verge of walking, yikes, and is getting into everything.   He crawls at the speed of light and will crawl even faster if you are trying to pick him up.  He loves to walk around while pushing one of his stand up toys and will go around and around our kitchen.  He is understanding so much more and is starting to speak a little more.  His favorite word (and person) is Dada.  He is now pointing to an object and will say "ssaaaat?"  I think he's saying "what's that?".  He also likes to say "no, no, no".  Peek-a-boo is becoming his favorite activity now too.

This has become common place in our house right around the time I have to make dinner.  The only thing you can't see here is the mess his older sister is making in her room/living room/playroom/other side of kitchen!

Quinn is loving school so much and I'm so glad.  There for a while I was so worried that she wasn't making any friends or talking to anybody because she was really being sooooooo shy at school.  I spoke to her teacher about this and she set Quinn up to play with another sweet little girl who is just as equally shy as Quinn and now Quinn tells me they are best friends!  I saw them playing on the playground the other day and Quinn was pretending to be a dog while her friend was pretending to pull her on a leash.  It was hilarious!