Monday, December 1, 2014

MAJOR catch up!

Oh my GOSH!  I can't believe my last post was in MAY!  Yikes!  I mostly post photos on Instagram now since it's so fast and easy but want to keep up with the blog too since this is really in place of any baby books for the kids.  As you can imagine a lot has changed since May of 2014 so this post will be my best to catch up with the rest of the year.

Quinn graduated Preschool in May and looked forward to a summer off and to start Kindergarten!!

This is Quinn and her little pal Dean who also joins her at Founders Classical Academy!

This was Joshua and I enjoying our last day solo before Quinn joined us for summer.

Quinn, Joshua, and I had planned a trip to New Mexico to visit my family and play on the water at my parent's lake home but the day we were flying out Quinn got the stomach flu.  She ended up having to stay home with Jaime and we missed her so much.

Flying to this little man is nothing!  He had his skittles and iPad and was set!

He had a great time playing on all of Papa's toys!

He played outside in the dirt for HOURS. He called this his sandbox!

Day napping on the boat with Uncle Eric.

We came back from New Mexico and had a great time at Jaime's regional meeting in Lakeway, TX.

We love the 80's!  We had a 'dress your favorite decade' dinner and of course, no brainer for Jaime is was the 80's.

We spent the 4th of July at Milburn Park in Cedar Park watching fireworks and enjoying live music with Jaime's parents. The kids love it and as usual ate their way through the night!

We also put our house on the market in July because.... we found out we were expecting again!  Time to get a bigger house!  Our house was on the market for 12 days before it sold which left us scrambling to find a place to live while we wait for our home home to be built.  We packed up and moved out in 30 days which was quite a challenge!!

Our last day in our Misty Ridge home.  We so loved that home and neighborhood and were sad to let it go.  So here we are in December, still waiting for our new one to be built.  We should be in the home by February.

Literally one day after moving out of our home and into an apartment, Jaime and I left on our trip to the British Virgin Islands, Gorda.  My mom came into town and spent her days with the kids swimming and playing at the park while we had a very much needed week of relaxation!

That baby bump was about 19 weeks.  

We had a big week after coming back from our trip, we found out we are expecting a BOY!! We were so happy and just feel blessed to know he is looking healthy so far. 

The same day we had our ultrasound we were able to see the first signs of our home coming along.  Very exciting day!!!

Little Man began potty training and has really done pretty well with it!
Not the best picture but he was very proud of his big boy underwear here.

Quinn started school at the end of August and attend Founders Classical Academy in Leander.  We truly love this school and are amazed to see her blossom there. 

Joshua turned three on September 29!! We had a great time riding Thomas the Train with his pals Easton and Ellie and eating at Phil's Ice House with Mama Rose and Papa James!

This was Quinn's birthday card to Joshua.  I thought it was so cute that she drew a picture of a John Deere tractor which is one of his all time faves!

More progress on the home in October:

This is a 30 week photo of the baby bump:

We had such a great Halloween this year! We decorated our car for trunk-or-treat at Quinn's school and trick-or-treated with buddies Easton and Ellie.

Halloween play date with friends and Joshua is none other than Bob the Builder!

In November two of my sweet friends Cassie and Laura had a baby shower for our sweet boy.  

Mama Rose and I.  I think I was about 32 weeks here.

Cousin Christina and I.

The sweet group of friends and family I have.

Joshua stared riding his Strider bike and loves it.  

The kids in front of the tree at the Domain.  

So here we are on December 1st.  Our baby will be here in about five weeks and we are just in awe by how quickly the year has gone!  2015 is going to be great and I sure hope to keep the blog more up to date than I did in 2014!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter 2014

I didn't capture as many photos of Easter as I would've liked to this year but was able to get a few at Quinn's school hunt.  I could tell she felt like such a proud big sister as she kept saying "Guys!  This is my baby brother!".  And Joshua really loved being there with all the big kids, although it was not easy explaining to him that he was only allowed to put 12 eggs in his basket!

Joshua 2.5

Half way to three!!  This little man is still more obsessed with tractors than ever and can identify a John Deere when he sees one.  One of his favorite pastimes is driving by a construction site and naming the different tractors.  One morning after dropping Quinn off at school we hit up the local Lowe's and test drove a few lawn mowers.

A close second to his love for tractors is his love of sand, dirt, mud and digging in it, usually with a tractor.  He was in heaven at the Austin Nature Center in the gigantic sand pit!

It has been fun to spend some one on one time with Joshua while Quinn is in school.  Here is another at the nature center:

Joshua loves to stand outside and watch the trash truck every week and always comes inside to stand on the stairwell and pretend he's working on the "frash fruck".

It's hard to tell in this photo but this is a typical day playing outside, covered in dirt!

He says "take picture me!"