Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prayer Warriors Needed

My sister and husband lost a very dear friend of theirs today, Jeff Gomez.  It appears as though he had an undetected brain tumor and fell early on Sunday morning causing severe brain damage.  He was on life support until today.  I am so deeply saddened for his family and friends as it is much too early to be letting go of such a vibrant, young, and full of life person.  Please send any prayers to all of them.  Thank you.

Jeff and Andrea

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brushy Creek Splash Park

What a fun place for kids! Brushy Creek park really is so beautiful. It has a great splash park, playground, and walking path. The day we were here really was perfect as there were not too many other kids. Here are a few pictures of Quinn, the only child who managed to stay dry in a park full of water!

A Little of Lately

I have fallen behind in my blog posting punctuality- here are a couple pictures from this past week:

Yummers, corn!  This expression might sum up how she feels about most food- ecstatic!

Ready for fun at Terra Burger- the coolest little place that serves organic burgers, fries, shakes AND has a fabulous splash pad and playground.

21 weeks and my little buddy who is constantly trying to grab my phone to "play games".

Quinn's New House

We got some new chairs for our dining table:

And Quinn got a new house to hang out in:

Had we known this box was going to be so entertaining, we would've never invested in her outdoor playhouse. :)


Quinn started gymnastics at the YMCA back in March and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  Three of her little gal pals from our playgroup are in it as well and they all just have a great time exploring, being silly, jumping, running, and trying out new things.  This past Monday was our last class as until August so we took a couple pictures of the Little Miss in action.  In June we'll start swimming lessons at the YMCA and I just know she'll love that too!

She says "Yee Haw!!" everytime she gets on the pommel horse. 

Jaime and I have both noticed that Quinn has become more agile and coordinated and we think gymnastics has helped with this.  We will definitely be signing up again in August!

Sea World Take Two

So exactly a week after Quinn and I went to Sea World with Cindy, Justin, and cute Sophia- we went back again!  This time we went with Mama Rose, Papa James, Jaime's brother Adan, and his girlfriend Jen.  It was a blast as always and we got to see some great shows.  I'm sure we'll go back again sometime this summer so that Jaime can come along too.  Quinn just loves it all and is so good when we go.  She just can't get enough "Shampoo", (Shamu).

Pointing to the dolphins

Woowee, it is HOT!

Quinn and Mama Rose are in the green egg.  She loved this little ride!

Look how close this dolphin came.  We started called Adan the "dolphin whisperer" since they liked to come around him so much!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Names and Some Room Ideas

We have picked a name!  We've decided to name our little baby boy Joshua James.  I think it is so adorable and will grow with him.  We wanted to be careful not to name him, or Quinn, anything that wouldn't be appropriate as an adult- you know, nothing too cutesy.  It was also very important for us to give both of our kids unique names too.  Sooooo excited about his name!

We've also been looking at furniture and bedding and so far really like the Harper collection from Pottery Barn Kids.  I think I'm going to try and make most of it myself but use the room ideas from the catalog.  I think we're also going to add a little red in the room too- a lamp, maybe some pillows.  I'm sure it will all come together once the room gets started. 

I've been on the lookout for a lantern type ceiling light fixture.  The sheets in the top picture have little whales on it and so I thought it might be cute to try and do a little bit of a fisherman theme in the room, nothing over the top but just a few subtle accessories.  Pottery Barn Kids has this fisherman lantern but I'm not sure if I love it that much.  I think if I spray paint it red or navy blue then it will be perfect.
I've never really had to think about boy room decorations or accessories but it really is so fun!  I'm losing sleep over it as I lay in bed all night thinking of ideas and picturing what it will all look like.  Exciting!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Boy!!

Twinkle twinkle little boy how you fill our hearts with joy!

We had our 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound today and are so pleased to say that pineapple #2 is a BOY!  I had a slight feeling that this baby might be a boy since I had such bad morning sickness with him and barely any with Quinn.  We are so excited and can't wait to pick out a name, buy all of the baby room furniture and bedding, and start clothes shopping.  It always makes it so much more real once you can see the little baby already so developed and know the gender.  Tonight I will start going through Quinn's baby clothes and get them ready to consign tomorrow. :(  Getting rid of her clothes makes me a little sad since so many of those little outfits come attached with such precious memories.  But realistically, we can't keep every piece of clothing she owns forever.  Here is a little picture of our sweet boy:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

What a blessed day to be able to spend it with my favorite little lady and favorite guy!  I've had a 'Mother's Week' thanks to Jaime.  Earlier in the week he treated me to a new book that I can't wait to dive into, and a couple days later a new case for my iphone, yesterday I got my hair done (ahhh sweet serenity), and today I was given a gift card for a manicure and pedicure (can't wait!).  We ate breakfast this morning and then went to watch the movie Rio with Quinn.  She did really well and didn't get too squirmy or restless.  After our movie we had a nice lunch outside where Quinn got to play with the cutest puppy named Rio, coincedental huh?  Now both the little lady and dude are taking a nap while I am mapping out the rest of the day.  I might do the mani/pedi and then some shopping, and I might do it alone!  Now that is what I call a great day!

Quinn and I made this cookie bouquet for Jaime's mom.  It was a real task trying to bake with an overly excited toddler, but very fun nontheless. 

First movie= a great time had by all!

Couldn't take her eyes off the screen!

Sea World and Sophia

On Friday, Quinn and I drove down to Sea World in San Antonio to meet up with our friends Cindy, Justin, and their little daughter, Sophia.  The Brown family was in town from New Mexico for the weekend so we decided to meet up and have a fun day with our little kiddos.  It was such a blast!  The girls enjoyed watching the dolphin and beluga show, seeing penguins, alligators, fish, and most importantly playing in the Sesame Street Bay of Play.  I was able to capture a few pictures with my iphone but wish I would've been able to get more of the two cuties together.  That just means we will have to meet again to let our little ladies have a blast real soon!
Looking for little Miss Sophia to arrive
This was the girls' reaction to meeting eachother.  Don't worry, they really warmed up to one another in no time at all!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

!8 Weeks

This week the baby is 18 weeks along!  Two weeks from today we will find out if the little one is pink or blue and we're getting very excited!  I've been feeling great and often forget I'm even pregnant since I'm so busy with Little Miss Q.  I've started to feel the new little pineapple move a lot more now which I just love!  Here is another bad phone pic of the baby bump- at least I've taken a few pictures, right?!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


One of the best gifts that Quinn received from her friend Leah was this Leap Frog Letter Factory dvd:

After watching the dvd several times, Quinn now knows all of the letters and sounds!!  She can even point to a letter and recognize it by name.  I am just so amazed at how quickly these little ones can soak in new information, all you have to do is present it to them! 

So, since she has been so in to learning her letters, the Easter Bunny brought her this Leap Frog Magnetic Alphabet toy that sings the same tune as in the video..."The 'A' says 'ah', the A says 'ah', every letter makes a sound the 'A' says 'ah'......" 
She loves playing with this little toy while I'm cooking dinner or doing the dishes.  And I love hearing her sing along or pick out a letter and say the letter name and its sound.  You can't beat learning a skill while having fun, can ya?!

I just wanted to share these great little educational toys with you since we were so amazed how quickly she was able to learn her letters and sounds.