Monday, January 31, 2011

BEAUtiful weather!

We had wonderful weather today in Austin!  Temperatures were in the mid 70s so we decided to take advantage of the outdoors.  We did a little finger painting on the deck, pulled some weeds in the yard, took a wagon ride, and ate dinner out on the deck.  We had a blast!  I was able to get some good pictures of Quinn's first experience with finger paints:

Tomorrow we are starting a month long "Mommy and Me" class at a preschool here in town.  From what I know we'll be doing some activities like Spanish, signing, yoga, art, and sensory activities.  Should be fun! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Packing Partner

Jaime has been getting ready for a business trip that he is taking next week and has had a little helper along the way this weekend:

I'm sure we're going to have a very fun filled week next week and will be very ready for him to be home!  Hope everybody had a great weekend!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Funny Friday

I'm just loving the pretend play stage that Quinn is in right now!  She told me that her baby needed to go poop and ran to the bathroom and put her on the toilet to go.  So funny!

Here she crying after I told her that she couldn't sit on the edge of the tub and read her baby a book.  I'm sure she was thinking "Mommy and Daddy do it, why can't I?".

Just wanted to share a funny little conversation I overheard yesterday while Quinn and I were doing some yard work in the backyard:  Quinn found a lizard and bent down to it and said "Awe so cute!  Hi!  I'm Quinn."  Then I asked her what the lizard was doing and she said "Eating.".  I asked her what the lizard was eating and she replied "French fries.".  Too funny!

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. P!

Happy Birthday to THE best daddy, husband, friend, comedian, provider, listener etcetera, etcetera!  Jaime turns the big 3-0 today, man he's old. ;)  We're counting down the days until we can celebrate our 30th birthdays together in Vegas- nine more days! 

On Father's Day 2009.  Quinn was about 2 months old.
Quinn is almost 2!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Queen of her Throne

This tiara came with her Princess and the Potty book- thanks for the recommendation Jen!
Quinn has been doing pretty well on the potty!  She is wearing panties while we are at home and when we go out, she wears pull-ups (I'd hate to have an accident as someone else's home or in the middle of a store).  We have to remind her about every two hours to go- sometimes she's really excited to go and other times we'll have to get real creative to coax her into the bathroom.  We didn't have any accidents this weekend- even her pull-ups stayed dry!  So, we'll just see how this will all progress...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Spy Dad

Jaime came home a little early from work today and caught us playing in the backyard.  He snapped a couple of pictures of us, I didn't mind that since I'm hardly in any of our pictures being the control freak/camera hog that I am.  Quinn says she 'loves it' in our backyard!
Shoveling up leaves.

This cedar season has given us all a terribly runny nose. :(

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mini Me

I do have to say that I just love how Quinn has really started to want to be just like her Mommy.  Jaime is probably a little glad that she is a girl and not a boy since she literally copies everything I do.  If we ever have a boy, I'll have to make sure to do really manly things around him so that he doesn't pick up all of my girly tendencies.  Here are a couple pictures of our morning today before we went to HEB:
Putting on her make-up

Making a grocery list.  She was saying "chicken tacos, lettuce...." while pretending to write.

Doing a little online bill pay on our computers.  Quinn calls it her "pooter".

Cocoa Kisses

We have the sweetest friends in our playgroup, Katie and her two year old daughter Leah.  Katie has the most amazing playdates at her house- they are all themed and complete with crafts and yummy treats for each theme.  Quinn LOVES going to Leah's house and on Friday when we were getting ready to go over for a playdate, I asked Quinn what she was going to do at Leah's house and she said "Ima eat".  I asked her what she was going to eat and she said "cake".  I thought it was the cutest!  Katie and Leah always have a treat for us to take home too, this time it was Cocoa kisses (hot chocolate, a candy cane, marshmellows, and chocolate kisses) and we had the funnest time making our cocoa on Friday after nap.  Thank you, Kaite, for the most wonderful playdates ever!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Oh My Gosh!"

Quinn's favorite new thing to say is "Oh my gosh!".  I wonder where she got that from?

In other news, we've started potty training this past week.  Over the past several weeks, Quinn asked to use the potty quite a bit, so of course we let her.  My parents were here visiting this weekend so I was able to get lots of tips and support from my mom, who potty trained three kids!

We had great success the first few days with Quinn being so excited to sit on her new seat and wear her new big girl panties.  She had success going number 1 and number 2 (I know this may be a little TMI for some readers, but since I haven't done a baby book for Quinn, this blog is what I'll use in place of that to keep records) but just today started not wanting to sit on the potty.  We had several accidents today, which is a little discouraging since yesterday we had none.  But I need to understand that this will be a long process and we will just continue being persistent and continue all of the positive reinforcement.  I also got some great advice from a couple of the girls in my playgroup and my sister- it is so nice to have the support of  ladies who have already gone through all of this!

This is what our weekend looked like, hope you enjoyed yours!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!  We (Jaime and I) celebrated the New Year at a wedding and Quinn celebrated with her cousins and Mama Rose and Papa James.    It was a great time had by all.  I only caught one picture of Jaime and I, and its a shame because we never get dressed up!  But here we are, at the end of the night:
2011 has so much in store, I just know it, excited to see what will unfold this year!