Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Joshua is 21 months!

Can you believe it?  This sweet little man will be two years old in just three short months!  If I thought time flew when we only had Quinn, multiply that by two because it only goes quicker with two children!  Joshua still continues to be our sweet little cuddler.  This past weekend at Jaime's regional meeting we left the kids in child care so we could attend a dinner and when we went to pick him up the girls working there couldn't believe how cuddly he was!  Melt my heart!  

Some of the things Joshua is now doing.
•Saying more words now!  He loves saying "mama" all day long and loves to wave daddy as he leaves to work saying "bye" in his sweetest little voice.  Ball and Papa are two of his other fave words.
•Thinks anything and everything Quinn says and does is hilarious, especially while we are driving or sitting at the dinner table eating.
•Obsessed with any car or toy with wheels, loves to get down on the floor and watch the wheels roll.
•Likes jumping in the pool from the side or steps.
•Loves playing with the water hose outside or turning the tub faucet on inside.

Joshua is just such a sweet little man.  He is definitely more quiet than his older sister but enjoys being an observer.  He takes it all in!

La Cantera, San Antonio

Jaime has a regional meeting every June at a different central Texas location.  These are always great fun as the families are invited to join and enjoy the resorts for three or four days.  This year's meeting was at La Cantera in San Antonio and as always was a blast!  The kids had a great time enjoying the pools and jump house at the resort and especially Six Flags Fiesta Texas which is just next door to La Cantera.