Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just when I started feeling sorry for myself for having to deal with nausea, dragging Quinn with me to my doctor's appointments, a house the needs to be cleaned etc...., I ran into this blog.  If you have time to read it today, please do.  It will make you feel grateful for every blessing in life and realize that there are people out there that are dealing with things that should never happen to anyone. 

Heavy heart today...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We took Quinn to see Elmo and friends live this weekend here in Austin.  It was sooo much fun to see Quinn's reaction to it all!  She literally sat on the edge of her seat the whole time and actually fell off once because she was just so in to the show!

Patiently waiting before the show.

Love this little face, she is truly star struck!!

This is how she sat the whole show.  Too cute!

Elmo was definitely the highlight of Quinn's day- now lemme tell you mine!  Do you watch the Bachelor?  Brad Womack is the current bachelor and we were seated a couple seats behind his twin brother Chad!  I was so excited when his little daughter noticed that Quinn was wearing the same shirt that she was so we stopped to ohh and ahh over their shirts.  I was so tempted to ask him to take a picture but Jaime told me that would be crazy, and I agreed.  He is definitely as cute as Brad, and a family man too!  Even Jaime was a little star struck.  Not even sure if Chad Womack qualifies as a B or C list celebrity, but we'll take it!

We thought is was so cute that Quinn told us yesterday that she loved Elmo's house.  She said "Elmo has lots of chairs in there."  Ha, ha! 


I had my first ultrasound appointment today and everything seems to be looking great!  Based on the ultrasound, my new due date is October 2, opposed to September 26 which is what was approximated two weeks ago.  The heartbeat was a healthy 160.  It always makes the pregnancy become so real when you get to see the little one inside, complete with a beating heart!  It was a very exciting experience!

In other news, my nausea has gone to a whole other level now and is just about unbearable.  That is part of the reason why I have not updated or posted any blogs the past few weeks because it becomes worse when I try to read or look at the computer screen.  Luckily, today I was given a prescription to help alleviate the nausea so I'm really hoping that will help.  Even if it takes the edge off, I'd like some relief so I can get back to a somewhat normal life.  Let's hope it works since Quinn and I are flying solo on Thursday to see my family in Phoenix!

Also learned today that I will not be able to ski on our trip we have coming up in March to Park City, Utah.  :(    I'm okay with that though- I'd rather not ski than risk anything happening to the baby or myself.  So, instead I will enjoy some nice spa time and take on the sights of the town by foot.  Jaime will have to enjoy the slopes solo- which might work out better for him as he won't have to wait on my slow self!

That's it for now!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You may have already guessed what this blog post is going to be about, our little pack of three is now expanding- I'm pregnant!  SURPRISE!  Really, for all of us!  Ha, ha! 

About three weeks ago I just had a feeling that I might be pregnant, we all know our bodies quite well and I just knew that what I was feeling was another pregnancy.  I told Jaime that I was going to take a pregnancy test on Monday morning (that day after his birthday) before he went to work and he kinda just shrugged it off like it was not what I was thinking- maybe just a false alarm.  Sure enough, I was right and my test came back positive!

So the past few weeks have been sort of different ones.  At first, when we found out I was shocked, surprised, scared, unsure.  This hadn't fallen according to our plan and I wasn't sure how it was all going to work out.  Those feelings lasted a couple days and then we decided that this is God's plan and we are going to embrace it.  We might've thought it was too soon but maybe this was the way things were supposed to happen according to His master plan.

I have felt pretty tired and nauseous off and on.  If I'm comparing this one to my pregnancy with Quinn, I will have to say I am much more nauseous with this one.  Even looking at the computer screen makes me nauseous.    But maybe I'm just noticing these feelings more now with this pregnancy now that I'm home and not running around like a chicken without a head teaching 20 first graders?  Who knows.

I had my first doctor's appointment today, which was just more of a consultation to warn me of all of the things I should and should not be eating, doing, drinking, etc...  In two weeks I'll go back for an ultrasound and we'll be able to get a more clear picture on the due date.  Right now the baby is estimated to be due September 28.  But I swear I started feeling baby flutters yesterday, which doesn't happen until further along in the pregnancy.  My doctor said this could be anything from gas to mind tricks or I could in fact be further along than we think.  Oh boy, lets hope that is not the case! 

At any rate, Quinn is going to be a big sis and we are very excited to see what the next chapter of our lives will be like.  My heart is so full right now- we are truly blessed.

Hope you are surviving the chilly wind today- yuck!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Very funny that my last post (Monday) was all about our beautiful weather and the fun we had outside.  Well that all changed come Tuesday with an arctic blast of below freezing temperatures all week.  So, we've been inside since Tuesday and have had quite the time trying to stay occupied.  This hasn't been the easiest week either as I have not been feeling too well lately (more on that later) and Jaime was out of town all week on a business trip.  I must say that Quinn has been a trooper and has been great company, but like many of you know, a toddler even in their best of moods is a lot to handle!  I also am thankful to a friend who lives near by for keeping us company as well as another friend who has a great blog filled with tons of toddler activities and lessons that we took advantage of.  Here is our week at a glance:
Smashing colored ice cubes.  We were going to make an ice castle, but this seemed like a better idea.

Next we added water and 'fished' for ice cubes.

This little girl is a mover, I have the hardest time getting a good pic of her!

I gave in and let her have part of her birthday gift early, a broom.  Yes, yes, I know- exciting.  But really, she has not put it down since I gave it to her on Wednesday.

Great activity from the blog I wrote about earlier.  Heart stamps made out of a toilet paper roll!

And finally, all this waiting inside was worth it- snow today!  Well a little, maybe two inches at the most.