Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Preparing for Christmas 2013

Wow, is it really already 2014?? The holidays felt like they flew by this year but we truly enjoyed our time with friends and family.  The holidays are so magical and fun with young children, here are some of the things we did to get ready for Christmas around here:

Quinn and I worked on a gingerbread house.  Joshua was content playing with his tractors while taking breaks to nibble on the goods for the house!

We set up our tree and this year all four of us helped.  It really was fun putting the ornaments on together!

Our Elf returned this year and both kids were super excited to search for her every morning.  Quinn was really anxious about it and sometimes would stumble around at 2 am hunting for her!

We had breakfast with Santa at the Great Hills country club and were the first ones to show up, literally (Jaime's a very punctual being).  So when we walked in Joshua saw Santa across the room and yelled "Hi Santa!!!".  He then eagerly climbed up on Santa's lap and played with his beard.  Throughout breakfast Joshua yelled "Santa!! Hi Santa!!".  Quinn was more timid and sweetly whispered to Santa that she wanted a bow and arrow.

Quinn had her Christmas program at school and belted out every word to every song.
She is top center in this pic.

Here she is with her two teachers Ms. JJ and Ms. Karen.  They really wear matching shirts every day!

We had an early Christmas with Mama Rose and Papa James since we were going to be in Phoenix with my family for the actual holiday.  The kiddos were in heaven with their new toys!

Then it was off to Phoenix for Christmas and Disneyworld after!