Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year Quinn decided to be Wonder Woman and I'm really not sure where she got this idea from, she's never seen Wonder Woman so we put the costume together for her anyway.  After making her skirt and skirt and getting all of the pieces she needed she put the costume on and said "Hmmm, I think I want to be a cat instead.".  Girls!  We told her she would have to be a cat next year instead.  And as for Joshua, he's still in the stage in which he will wear whatever we put him in so what better than Superman.  They were the cutest superheroes in the block!

The two wonder women at the school parade. :)

Shirtless- the only way to carve a pumpkin.

Joshua was so terrified by the scary costumes out and about!

Touch a Truck

In October we were invited by the Rice family to attend the Touch a Truck event in Round Rock.  The city had basically every type of truck you could think of and the kids were able to get in, on, and honk their horns.  This quite possibly could have been Joshua's best day to date and his obsession with trucks and tractors has only grown since then.  He literally talked about tractors "tactors" and getting to hang out with Easton "Seton" all day long! Quinn had a great time too since it was basically a free for all.  

First Day of Pre-K

Wow I really am behind in blogging.  I thought I had posted first day of school pics for Quinn but never did.  We'll we are about a month in to the year and Quinn seems to like school very much.  She really gets excited on the days she has school (M, W, F) and likes to tell me about the things she learns and does while there.  She's never once said she doesn't want to go so I'd say she truly loves it!