Monday, October 21, 2013

This and That

Here are a few snapshots of life lately:

We stopped by the Pumpkin Patch at the YMCA one day before Quinn's gymnastics class.

I'm not even going to begin to say we're potty training.  Joshua loves to sit on the toilet before bath but has never actually gone to the restroom while doing this .  I take that back, he peed while sitting on the toilet yesterday but none of it made it in the toilet.  Hmmm...this might be harder than potty training a girl was!!

Balloon animals at Reunion Grille.

Fedora wearer.

Running man.  Second overall and first in his age group.  An average pace of 5.37 mins/ mile at the Cedar Park 5 miler!!

Joshua is TWO!!

Holy smokes!  Can't.  Even. Believe. It.  People always used to tell me how time flies when you have children and I would always think "yeah, yeah" but it is TRUE!  

Joshua is now two and his personality is coming out more and more every day.  He is talking up a storm and really enjoys repeating everything we say.  He especially likes to say what Quinn says, it's very funny!  

He LOVES trucks, tractors, motorcycles etc...  He gets very excited when we drive by any construction site and will yell "tractor!!" or "cuck!!" (truck).

His favorite books are still his board books.  He really enjoys reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and can now recite some of the parts while I read it.  He recently started sitting down with me as I read a book to Quinn and always requests "Bears!" which is Bernstain Bears.

Still likes Mickey Mouse but recently discovered Bob the Builder on the iPad and requests "Builder!" now too.

He is still as cuddly and lovable as he always has been.  He wants me to hold him whenever we are in public or in a new place.  Oh well- I'm sure soon enough he will grow out of this phase and then I'll be begging him to let me hold him!  

Here are a couple pictures from his Mickey Mouse birthday party.  "Ickey!!"

My two kids were the only ones not in this bounce house during the party!  They waited until everyone left to get in and jump.  If you look at the slide you'll see Jaime's legs.  They had fun!!