Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Latest

Quinn is now rolling over from stomach to back and back to stomach! She can also sit alone in her boppy pillow! She is now grabbing EVERYTHING in sight! Mommy and Daddy can no longer eat dinner with her in our laps- Jaime's plate almost bit the dust the other night after Quinn tugged on it. Here's some pics of her in action:

Proof that she'll grab anything in arms length- even my camera. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mama Cents!

Oh my! Last night Jaime's cousin, Roxanne and I went to the mecca of all consignment sales in Austin. It is called Mama Cents and I believe is held once a year. Anything you can think of relative to being a mother and having children you can find there. Roxanne actually had some tickets to shop before the sale starts (which I believe is today) so we really got the pick of the litter! We showed up at 7:30 with empty strollers (we used our strollers as shopping carts!) and tote bags and shopped until it closed at 10:30! I bought a really cool foldable gate that will keep Quinn away from our stone fireplace and will also fold out to a big rectangular play area. We purchased some great clothing- Gymboree, Baby Gap, Children's Place to name a few. I believe I also bought enough toys to take us through her teen years- just kidding, enough to last a while though! My favorite purchase is her Halloween costume. I was planning on making one but when I saw the cute little ladybug for $5.00 I couldn't pass it up. There is no way that I'd even be able to purchase the fabric for that much! I'll have to post a pic of her wearing it soon-too cute! I got home last night at 11:00 to find Jaime and Quinn sound asleep. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Grandma and Papa came to visit!

We had such a great weekend- Grandma Juanita and Papa Gene came to visit from New Mexico! On Friday Grandma, Quinn and I went to the gym. Quinn played with her friends in the childcare center and my Mom and I went to a Yoga class. It was my Mom's first class- she enjoyed it so much that she said she is going to join a class when she gets home! We had a great time walking around the Domain with Quinn on Saturday. We even ate sushi at Kona Grill for lunch! Quinn loved sitting outside with all of us. That evening Quinn was able to spend time with all four of her grandparents while we watched the UT game and ate some yummy barbecued burgers. Sunday the guys went golfing and we held the fort down at home. That afternoon we went to eat some yummy seafood at Joe's Crab Shack. Quinn loved watching all of the flashing lights and crazy servers dancing around. Today was a very relaxing day at home. We had plenty of play time with Grandma and Papa before they headed to the airport. The weekend was packed with fun and we can't wait until Novemeber to see Grandma Juanita and Papa Gene again!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Blue

"How did she get blue eyes?", you might ask. We thought the same thing when Quinn was born. But rest assure, there is no milkman involved in her eye color. Jaime has many family members on his mother's side that have blue eyes and I have several family members on my dad's side that have blue eyes as well. Two recessive genes resulted in the brilliant baby blue eyes.

Brianna Foulds shot these amazing photos. Check it out

Friday, September 4, 2009

Life is Good!!

I have never felt more blessed and truly blissful in my life. Being home with Quinn is more than a blessing, it is the best gift that our little family of three could have ever been given. Although I did love my job, there is nothing on earth that I would love more than raising Quinn and being here for her every smile, giggle, cry, meal, bath etc... I really do feel that our family unit is so peaceful now too! I think back to my working days and remember how busy and stressed I was and realize that the mommy Quinn deserves to have is the less stressed and tired version. As mundane as this may sound, I love our Monday morning trip to the grocery store- and I'm really sure Jaime loves not having to go to the grocery store on the weekends anymore too! I love 12:00 pm when Jaime can come home to lunch with us. I love 6:00 pm when Jaime comes home and we can sit down to a nice meal, all of us. Would I be able to do any of this while working? Probably not. This is not to downplay the moms who work, I commend you too! I just know that personally speaking, I would have a very difficult time doing both. So on the days that I'm wishing upon a star that I could have some glamorous lifestyle, I look around and realize that what I have is so much more special and treasured.

Quinn loves to be held by Papa James and loves Mama Rose's singing!

Quinn is gonna miss Uncle Adan so much, he's moving to New York!

Such a Daddy's girl!

Too kissable!!

The light of our eyes!