Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Sew" in love with the curtains!

For any of you who have not seen some of the fabulous works of art my mom has sewn, take a look at these curtains! I literally explained the look I was going for with the curtains, and whalah...they came to life! My mom and I had such a great time over spring break getting the curtains done and just being together. Having my mom and sister here for spring break was such a nice treat! Not only was it great having them around as company, but they both helped me out tremendously around the house as well at school getting some of my materials ready for my long term substitute. What would I do in my life without these peeps?

Spring Break Fun

What a great time Spring Break was! My mom was here for about a week and Andrea, Andrew, Olivia were here about 5 days. We really took advantage of our time together making sure we had a least one fun activity per day! My cousin Carlos and his family stopped by one night for a pizza party, how fun! We went swimming one day, and boy are Andrew and Olivia quite the little fish!! They love the water and it was just so much fun watching them having a blast. We also planted some flowers in our front yard another day. Although on this day, I think the kids were more interested in finding as many acorns around our yard as they could instead of planting flowers (thanks for taking control, Andrea)! We hit up the book store and found a really cool pop-up Cinderella book for Olivia and a Sunken Ship book for Andrew. The last day that the kids were here, Andrew was not too excited about having to get ready for bed as he said "It feels like the whole day was only 15 minutes long!" I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! I'm already counting down the days until July when we'll be able to hang out again! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Belly Pics

A super sweet parent of a student in my class volunteered to come over and take some pregnancy photographs for us today. We had such a blast, and the pictures turned out really nice too! These are some samples that she sent us via e-mail.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jaime's got skills!

We're one step closer to the nursery being finished! This week Jaime painted this 'Q' above the crib. He is so talented! I am so surprised at how excited and involved Jaime has been in this whole process. I just know that once Quinn is here she is truly going to be a Daddy's Girl! We're in the homestretch now as we are less than two months away. As my friend Meagan says, Quinn is about to cross that finish line, literally. :)