Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Love Dad

So I saw the cutest thing on one of my friend's blogs (Thanks Carrie!!) and had to try it out just with a little tweak. We took these pics this morning and will put them in a frame for Jaime to take to his office.


Dance Recital

Last weekend Quinn had her dance recital, and wow what a huge production it was! It took place at the Anderson High School Performing Arts Center and probably could've been at the UT Football field as there were soooooo many people and not enough space. Quinn was very unsure about the commotion and craziness when we arrived and did not want me to leave her back stage with the class mom. I waited with her for a good twenty minutes until she felt comfortable enough for me to leave and then headed to the auditorium to find Jaime and Joshua. Quinn did extremely well during the recital and even smiled the whole time! I was only able to catch a few pictures as Jaime and I were both trying to contain Joshua, so here is what we got:

Leah and Quinn, dancing buddies

During the performance

And of course all smiles afterward!