Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quinn is One Month Old!

Quinn was one month old yesterday (May 20th)! Seems like just within this last week she has become so social! She is really locking in some good eye contact and returning a smile when we smile at her! She loves it when we tickle her belly or touch her nose. I wish I was able to capture these moments on camera but my camera is like antique and only seems to take a picture after she smiles or does something silly. One of these days I'll get with the times and get a camera that can take rapid fire pictures. Anyhow, the pictures I am posting are all of Quinn resting or sleeping. Nobody said being one month old was easy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out and About

One of Quinn's favorite things to do is to take a ride around our neighborhood in her stroller. Today we had to cut our walk a little bit short because it started to rain. It must have been a pretty funny sight to see me running down the block with a walking stroller!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday we celebrated our first Mother's Day as a new family! We started out the morning with a nice walk around our neighborhood. Quinn LOVES to be outside and just kept looking all around as we pushed her along in her stroller. Her eyes were huge after each tree we would go under! We then came home and enjoyed some delicious waffles made by Jaime. I was treated earlier in the week by Jaime with an Ipod nano and for Mother's Day was given the workout band that will case the Ipod. I can't wait until I can hit the gym again and sport my new tunes! After this, I left Jaime with Quinn and did a little shopping of my own! For dinner we ordered take out since Quinn really is too young to go to any public areas. We ended our day cheering Jaime on at his soccer game. Whew, it sure was a busy one! Being a Mommy is the best thing in the world!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quinn is almost 3 weeks old!

Things have been going pretty well here in the Pina household. Quinn, Mom, and Dad are still getting adjusted to each other. The first few weeks were exactly that, adjusting. It's funny how you really don't think about what it REALLY is going to be like once that lil baby enters the world. And I guess I didn't really know what it would feel like to be dead dog tired and have to wake up to feed. I really didn't know that I would have a recovery of my own while learning how to take care of Quinn. I really didn't know that when that baby is crying and crying, you'll do just about anything out of desperation to make it stop and make her happy. Sometimes when Quinn is fussy and crying, I'll think to myself "Oh my goodness, why is she still crying?" But one look from her is all it takes to make me forget about staying up all night, endless crying, or explosive diapers. Every day seems to be getting a little bit easier and I think it's because we are learning how to appease Quinn and she is learning how to live in the outside world. I'm trying to think about life before Quinn, and I just can't really think about what we did without her. She is the biggest blessing in our lives and we can't wait to see her grow and change. :)