Sunday, August 29, 2010

Off to Gramother's House She Goes

This picture was taken with Papa James and Mama Rose in July at the San Antonio Zoo. Or, James and Mose as Quinn calls them!

Quinn had the BEST time this weekend with family! On Saturday, I had several of my cousins who live nearby, like really close- Steiner Ranch, over for a BBQ. There were 5 girls including Quinn all under the age of 8. She had a ball and the girls loved "baby-sitting" her. Quinn was literally screaming with excitement when she saw them walk through the door!

Then on Sunday, Jaime and I dropped Quinn off at her Grandparents house so we could go do some shopping. We were just a tad nervous since she really hasn't napped anywhere but our home, or when we're away I'm always the one to put her down for her nap. But she did great! She fell asleep with NO problem and slept her usual 2 hour nap! Quinn loves going to visit "James and Mose" and was screaming "Yay!!" when we pulled up to their home. I have to say, it was nice to be able to shop without a little one dictating how long the trip will last.

It was a great family weekend. Hope yours was wonderful too!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We've been having lots of fun playing outside now that the weather has cooled down a few degrees. It was so nice this morning that we went outside to play in our pajamas! Quinn loves running around trying to catch the bubbles. When I blow new ones, she claps her hands and screams "Yay, bubbles!!". This girl is SO fun!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"My Malloon"

Do you see how she has her baby in the shopping cart and her balloon tied to the cart? Someone's trying to be like momma now! So cute!

What a little chatter box we have on our hands now!! Quinn loves her balloons she gets from our weekly visit to HEB. The minute we pull into the parking lot she is screaming "malloon, malloon, malloon!" and literally won't stop saying it until we are in the store and have it tied to the shopping cart. She loves to ride around in the cart while pointing to her balloon and telling everyone who walks around it is "my malloon".

I am so amazed by how much toddlers can learn just by watching their parents! Believe me, we don't sit around with flashcards teaching Quinn new words. She just hears us say them, and says them herself! She is now putting two words together, like 'my malloon'. Here are some of her little two words phrases:
-big house
-all done
-all gone
-my daddy
-my toy
-what doing? (What are you doing?)
-where going? (Where are we going?)
-blue ball
-heavy book

We have to really watch what we say around her now too. The other day we made it all the way to JoAnn fabrics (from our house its like a 25 minute drive) when I realized I forgot my wallet! When I realized I had forgotten it I said "oh cr*p" and guess who reapeated me? Only she said "oh cap". I'm really not one to use bad language, but I guess I'll need to be aware of what comes out of my mouth at all times.