Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing catch up- Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone! This year's Halloween was so fun having two little ones to dress up! We had so many celebrations to attend this year between school, play dates, Trunk-or-Treating, and birthday parties that Quinn became a pro at getting dressed up by the time Halloween actually arrived. She had her heart set on being a 'cute' witch so we did our best to make that happen. And as for Joshua, he got to be the pumpkin that Quinn wore on her first Halloween. Maybe next year he will have a little say in his costume. ;) Quinn had a parade and party at her school on the Tuesday before Halloween. Here are a few pictures of that day:

This little parade was the cutest thing ever!
Witchy pals!
This little guy was content completely happy playing with the kitchen set in the classroom

There are so many fun kids and families in our neighborhood and the past two years we've all gone trick-or-treating in our neighborhood together. I'm hoping this becomes a tradition!

These two were ready to go!