Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Dance!

Quinn started dance class today at a nearby dance studio and I have to say that it was quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen! She was so excited this morning to put on her leotard and tights and drive over to the class. I talked to her several times before today to let her know that I would not be dancing with her and would be watching through a window. So she kept asking me "Mommy, you gonna watch me through the window?" and I wasn't sure how she would do when I didn't go in with her. Well, she did fine! When it was time to line up to go in she grabbed her dance bag and got in line and left me without even saying goodbye! I was so impressed! She did a great job following directions and I think she had a blast. She talked about her teacher all the way home. It was truly a great Monday morning!


Tap shoes on waiting for her teacher.

Gal pals- Leah and Quinn

And a new friend too, Madaline!  This sweetie was so cute and just came up to Quinn, introduced herself, and grabbed her hand!

The next few pictures are a little hard to see since I was taking them from behind the glass.  Yes, I am THAT mom. I just had to snap some so Jaime would be able to see too- next week I won't be such a Mommarazzi. ;)

Quinn is the caboose!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Today two of my very dear friends, Cassie and Laura Lane, hosted a baby shower for little Joshua and I.  It was so special to me and I truly felt so loved and cared for by so many lovely ladies.  As I looked around the room I realized how blessed I am to have such caring family members and such amazing friends- who I truly admire.  Quinn is also one lucky little lady to have so many friends who are just a special as their Mommies are.  Today my heart is full....

As always, Cassie and Laura Lane make everything look so beautiful.  We had a great time brunching in style!

The color coordinated gifts from Cassie and Laura Lane.  We received sooooo many great gifts.  Baby Joshua is going to be so stylin' that's for sure!

Jaime's Mom (whose birthday is today also) and I.  And no, I'm not sitting on her lap, just on a pillow or something.

The most beautiful hostesses.

A truly amazing group of ladies!

My cousin Christina

These two itty bitties share the same birthday!  

After the shower we took Jaime's mom out for a birthday lunch and then back to our house for a strawberry pie that Quinn and I made.  Quinn was so super proud to be able to give it to her Mama Rose- it was darling!

And after all the shower and birthday fun, we took naps and then headed to the outlet mall to get some great Labor Day sale shopping in.  We got Quinn some clothes, which she just adores, and a new diaper bag/purse.  Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday we can make it down to Pottery Barn Kids Outlet and get some finishing touches for the nursery. 

What a fun day had by all!  Oh, and Texas football is back- hopefully it is a great season this year! :)