Monday, January 18, 2010

Charity Event

Jaime has been so busy with his charity, Right Course, preparing for a fund raising event. For those of you who don't know about his charity, it raises money to help exceptional students who love to play sports but don't have the funds necessary to keep up with the costs. In order for the kids to earn funds, they have to donate their time back to the community i.e. picking up trash in their neighborhood. This charity has a great "pay it forward" philosophy that kids will learn from.

So this fund raising event that he's been working for is a wine tasting in March. It is going to be really cool with live music, food, and a silent auction. Here's the link if you're interested in buying a ticket that will go directly to the charity.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She's On The Move!

Quinn started crawling a couple days ago and has been non stop since then! She had been getting up on hands and knees for the past couple weeks but not going anywhere. We were beginning to wonder when she was going to start, and now we're wondering how in the world we're going to pack this house up with her all over the place. We found a new home and will be moving out of this one and into our new one on the 29th of this month so we've really got our work cut out for us. And it is a whole new ballgame now that Quinn is mobile. She is exploring all of the places and things that she has not been able to get to on her own. She is also exploring all of the boxes and clutter we have around our disheveled house!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Teeth!

Quinn got her first tooth right before we left to New Mexico for Christmas vacation. It is on the bottom and is so cute! Yesterday we noticed another one coming in right next to it. So now she'll have two bottom teeth- adorable!
This picture really cracks me up- her hair is so messy, and she has a little scratch that she gave herself on her nose- the life of an active baby!


Quinn is quite the little eater now! She really likes to feed herself now and really only lets us feed her applesauce and bananas. Feeding herself has become an activity to Quinn now and she can sit for 3o minutes picking up and eating her food. She is also drinking out of a cup without a lid- which is quite the achievement since up until now she refused to drink out of a bottle or sippy cup. Here are some pictures that Jaime took today as she gobbled up her ham and cheese for dinner.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas in New Mexico

We had a great time in New Mexico for Christmas! Quinn was able to see many of her cousins and had a great time playing with all of them. Here are some pictures of our visit:
Olivia was reading abook to Quinn. :)
Quinn and Olivia have matching jammies! My Mom had fun giving Quinn a bath too (notice her shirt is wet- Quinn is a a squirmer in the tub!).
Quinn was so entertained by Andrew! She was trying to pull up on him here.
Goofy kids!
Olivia's masterpiece- and made from scratch with help from Grandma!
On a walk with Grandma and the kids.
Andrew sure did know how to make Quinn laugh!
Allison and Jacque came to visit. Quinn was more interested in looking at Jacque than looking at the camera. :)
Papa Gene and Grandma Juanita
Quinn and cousin Troy!
Bo, Quinn, and Troy
Quinn and Aunt Elissa
This was so funny- Troy was pushing Quinn on his little car!
Boxes are more fun than any other toy!

Well that really was like a million pictures but we had so much fun we had to show it all!

Playing Catch-Up

Okay- it has been far too long since I've last posted anything so I'm going to try and do some updating right now. Things were so crazy before Christmas that I seriously felt like a chicken with it's head cut off. These were all of the things we had going on before Christmas: our house was on the market so keeping it clean for all of our showings was quite the task, I felt like I had a billion outfits to sew for Petite Pineapples (I'm not complaining about this since it really helped us buy Christmas gifts for everybody), I was trying to pack Quinn and I for our two week long visit to New Mexico, and to top it all of I got a nasty infection called Mastitis the day we were having our Open House. I won't go in to details about what Mastitis is- you can probably Google that one if you don't know what it is.

So anyway, here are some pictures of our Christmas celebration that we had with Jaime's parents before we left for New Mexico. Yes, Quinn is still in her pajamas because that is the day I came down with the infection which is equivalent to having the flu and I really had no energy to even get her dressed. She had such a great time opening up her gifts from her Papa James and Mama Rose that evening!
Here is Quinn's leopard coat from Mama Rose and Papa James- too cute!!