Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cold weather days and crutches

We've had some pretty cold days in February which has forced us to stay in quite a bit.  I've also been on crutches for the past five weeks (awful!!!) which has also kept us in.  I've had a stress fracture for eternity that will not heal, one more week of crutches and I'm hoping this thing is on the mend.  Here's what our days have looked like:

Four year old makeovers.

A tiny bit of snow which was more like a thick layer of ice.

This really happened one morning.  Sweet cuddles during Mickey Mouse.

Crazy 8 games.

Lots and lots of dress up, especially with Mom's clothes.

This is 'Olaf' from Frozen, the girl is obsessed!

Dishes "helper" ha, ha!!

Story time in Joshua's play box.

Carting Joshua back and forth to drop off and pick Quinn up from school.

And most recently some spring weather and of course, more dress up!

Looking forward to spring time and warmer weather- I'm sure I'll regret that comment in July though!!


The Austin Children's museum has moved and is now called the Thinkery.  What a cool place!  Everything is hands on and we found lots of interesting thing to play with for both kiddos.  A good two hours later and we were exhausted!

We stayed painting the glass wall for ever.  When else can we paint a wall and get messy?

The neatest magnet block wall.

Remember light brights?  This room was a giant light bright, too fun!

Both kids got a kick out of watching their shadows while hula hooping.

This was upstairs in the water play area.  Joshua was soaking wet and full of paint, evidence of a good time, right?!?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disneyworld 2013

Wow!!!! What a fun trip!  We arrived in Orlando on December 27th (on a 4.5 hour flight from Phoenix on which neither kid slept a wink!) and stayed through to January 2.  This was another trip earned by Jaime through Edward Jones and was so fun and different.  We had a few organized dinners with Edward Jones in which several Disney characters made appearances.  Quinn of course loved Mickey and Minnie and Joshua loved Woody.

We spent three whole days at Magic Kingdom!  There is so much to do there and for our kids this place was so magical and fun which kept us there.  One of the days there we had reservations for dinner in Cinderella's magic castle- wow!!! This place made Quinn smile ear to ear as she was literally starstruck by the princesses.  

We had a great time getting on as many rides as we could while at Magic Kingdom:

We also had another dinner planned at Magic Kingdom at Mickey's Backyard BBQ.  This was so fun!! The kids were able to dance around with Mickey and Minnie and they really thought this was the best thing ever!

The next day they both picked out a Muckey and Minnie toy at Magic Kingdom.  

Joshua picked out a little stuffed Mickey and a Mickey twirling light.  He really played with that light as we walked all over the parks.

We finally ventured on to Hollywood Studios where we saw some great shows.  The kids really, really enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast show:

We ran into Mader and Lightening McQueen, Joshua was super excited!! But then he quickly became really sad when he realized he wasn't going to be able to actually get in Mader. 😞

It's not some real Pina fun without a little face painting!

We spent a day in Animal Kingdom and were met by some light rain all day.  Quinn had no problem with her rain poncho but trying to get it on Joshua was quite the task- he was not happy about it!

We saw the best Lion King show while there, we were in awe!!

We had a fantastic time while there and hope to go back again!