Thursday, April 26, 2012

Special Gift

Quinn didn't really know my parents were coming for her birthday party, well I guess she knew but didn't know exactly when they would be here. They flew in late Friday night so when she woke up Saturday they were here to surprise her. She was so shocked and immediately began running around showing then how tall she was in comparison to almost every item in our house. She really thinks she grew overnight now that she's three! It was such a nice treat to have them here and I only wish we could do it more often. We had a crazy day on Saturday trying to prepare for the party and having the party. So on Sunday we all just hung out here, relaxed, played, and had a little BBQ.

This was a birthday gift from Mama Rose and Papa James, she loves it!
My Mom was in heaven with these two!
We really need to get this little dude a hat, one that fits him and not his Daddy's
This guys loves him some food!
Look at those baby blues!
This was our ghetto set up outside.  The weather was so nice so we wanted to eat on our deck so we used out patio furniture and Quinn's little table.  It worked!

It's Party Time!

Quinn has really become so completely absorbed into princesses, especially Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Her fave movie at the moment is Beauty and the Beast so naturally she asked to have a Beauty and the Beast party. When we were deciding what we could do for the party I told her that I thought it would be fun to dress up like Belle for the party and her response was so funny, she said "No Mommy, I'm going to be the Beast!". She was so adamant about being the Beast so we looked and looked for a Beast costume her size and could not find one. I'm sure it was for the better since it ended up being pretty warm the day of her party, she would have roasted in a Beast costume!

Quinn got this fabulous Princess Barbie house from her Grandparents, she was ecstatic!
We had planned on giving this scooter to Quinn when she opened up her gifts but she found it in our office closet the day of the party.  "My very own scooter!!".  So we let her play with it before and during the party.
Mama Rose and Joshua.  What a trooper he was!  He was so chill and even took a nap in his room amidst the party chaos! 
My parents came to town for the big bash! 
The closest we could get to a good picture of the two of us!
Look at this pinata! 
Quinn was so excited to have her friends join us to party complete with princess attire too!
This little dude was a pirate!
Love the face on this one!
Gift time!
We had such a great time and were so lucky to have so many friends and family join us! Quinn asked us if it was still her birthday a few days after the party. She was in heaven!!

I'm Free (three)!!

Quinn is was SO excited on the morning of her third birthday! We did a birthday countdown so that she would know exactly when the day arrived, and boy did she! She turned three on April 20 which was the day before her party and the day my parents arrived so we really didn't get to do much celebrating as we were getting last minute details taken care of. When Quinn woke up we headed to the neighborhood doughnut shop in our jammies and had a nice sugary breakfast to get the day started. Here are a few pics:

Can you tell how much this girl loves her doughnuts??
Next year you can enjoy one too buddy!
The cutest part of the day was when Quinn woke up from her nap and asked if she was still three. When I told her she is going to be three for a really long time, a year, she jumped up and down and screamed "yay!!".

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bluebonnet Babies

This weekend we took a little trip down to the Brushy Creek trail and took some bluebonnet pictures.  At ten in the morning it was already so warm, I'm fearing a long and hot summer again!  The bluebonnets on the trail really were beautiful and I'm so glad we were able to get some pictures of the kids in them, I've been wanting to get pictures for the past two years and just never made it happen.