Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'Two' Incredibly Cute!

Quinn turned two today!  Every night for the past two years, Jaime and I have thanked our lucky stars and the Good One above for the precious life that has been given to us.  Quinn is pure joy in our lives and we are so incredibly thankful and blessed to call her our daughter. 

Here are some of the things she is doing now as a two year old:
-TALKING, TALKING, TALKING!  The girl can carry on a full conversation with you, even if you don't respond!
-Potty trained!  Yipee!  She is out of pull-ups and wears panties all the time, even to bed.  This is not to say she is accident free yet, we just had one today but for the most part she's trained. 
-Loves her friends and talks about them often.
-Has a very good appetite and will eat pretty almost anything.
-Knows her colors and shapes.
-Knows letters and sounds for A, B, C, D (Thanks to the Leap Frog Letter Factory video- thanks Katie!)
-Just recently learned how to jump with both feet at the same time.

Here is a little video of  her this afternoon.  She was super excited to be able to eat a lollipop for her birthday! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A "Super-Dee-Duper" Birthday!

What.  In.  The.  World.  I simply CANNOT believe that as I sit here writing this blog post, my sweet little sleeping daughter just had her 2nd birthday party!  Time has a funny little way of moving too quickly.  To think back to last year and compare it to how Quinn is now just floors me!  The change in one year is amazing!

Here are a few pictures of Quinn's Barney themed birthday.  If you have ever met this girl, you will soon learn how much she loves that purple dinosaur.  It was only fitting that we had a Barney party!  And she loved it!  From the balloons, to the cupcakes, to the snacks.

Quinn screamed with delight when I brought these Barney balloons home. 

My very first fondant cake.  I had so much fun making it! 

My TWO YEAR old!

Decorating cookies with her gal pals

Loving her snacks

Q loves baby Easton!  She's always asking what he is doing, even when he is not around!

Little Miss Smiles! 

Mama Rose, Roxanne, Quinny

I love this one, too sweet!

Checking the mail with Mama Rose

Notice her devilish smile.  Daddy let her eat her cupcake on our couch- we never get to eat in the living room- party time!!

Sportin' her new backpack.  She said "I'm gonna go to school!"


Friday, April 8, 2011

"I'm a Queen!"

Quinn got a special little package in the mail yesterday from her Grandma Juanita and Papa Gene.  She was so excited when she opened it up to see a trunk full of princess dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry, tiaras, etc...  When she put on her first outfit she said, "Oh my gosh!  This is so beautiful!  I'm a Queen!".  I think she changed her outfit at least twenty times today- but I must say it was so fun to watch as it reminded me all too much of myself when I was younger!

She wanted me to take a picture of her blue ring.

Baby Bump

Okay here it is.  This is the bump at 15 weeks (3 months).  I started to feel a little guilty as I don't have any pictures of the progress of this pregnancy yet.  By the time I was 3 months pregnant with Quinn I think I had a picture for every week.  Its not that we're not excited about it, because we are very excited, I think things are different now because we're so busy with Quinn that we have not stopped much to document this one.  I have not read one single book or read one single online article about the pregnancy, whereas when I was pregnant with Quinn I was reading every night.  I'm sure most people are this way when it comes to number two.  You just grow the baby and once they arrive, you do what you do best to take care of that little bundle.

Jaime says this is funny because I'm not big at all yet!  Easy to say when you're not the one expanding quicker than you ever have before!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keepin' Up (Or Trying To)

Do you ever feel like one of those little gerbils running on a wheel?  Like you can never get to the top?  That is what I feel like right now and maybe it is because of the pregnancy, Jaime's broken arm, and a full of energy toddler, but whew- its been crazy over here!  We're getting ready for Quinn's 2nd birthday this month (yikes, two already??) and we're having it here at the house so that is another thing keeping us busy.  We had to hire a couple teenagers to help us with the yard since between both Jaime and I, we're pretty much useless.  I'm wondering why we didn't do this sooner?  They rock and have so much more energy than we do!

Anyway, things are going well with the pregnancy and I am almost 15 weeks. My belly really seemed to pop this weekend.  I'll get Jaime to take a picture (with his good arm) tonight and post it soon. 

In the land of Quinn, she is getting funnier than ever.  Her imagination is really running wild with funny stories of animals in her room and seeing Barney at Jason's Deli.  The other day we were at Hobby Lobby checking out and she starts yelling "Mommy I see a kangaroo under that truck!!".  I kinda said "Oh wow.", like it was just another figment of her imagination.  Well sure enough, when we walked outside there was a jack rabbit under a truck.  Not quite the same as a kangaroo but close!

Here are a couple pics of her recently in her imaginary play:

Here she is pretending to put jelly on her belly just like Dr. Garza does to my belly when we go for our check ups.  She is always saying "Mommy, look at the baby in my belly!".

Playing with her little people: "Daddy has to go to work.".

She was saying "Shhh puppy, its ok."  Did you notice her necklace?  She got this for her first birthday and just recently found it.  She loves it!  We went to gymnastics on Monday and she said "Ooops, I forgot my necklace!".

Feeding her puppies (whose names are both Macie) a snack.