Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Curly Q

Quinn's hair is so curly now! We're wondering if this will be permanent or just while she's a baby? Who knows, but we love watching it bounce as she toddles her way through the house!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Good Girl"

Today Quinn was having macaroni and cheese with deli ham and broccoli. I guess she decided today that she didn't want to eat the ham and would pick it out with her finger, set it on her tray, and say "good girl". And if she dropped a noodle she would say "oh shoot!" . What a funny girl!
Can you see all of the ham on the tray?

San Antonio Zoo

Before we went to New Mexico for my Grandma's funeral, we went to the San Antonio Zoo with Jaime's parents. BOY was it hot and humid!! It didn't matter to Quinn though because she just loves animals and looks at them intently as if studying. She was such a good girl and enjoyed every minute of it. Now she says "zoo, zoo" when we watch her Barney goes to the Zoo video. It is really funny.
Ready for te hot weather with her hat and sunglasses.
Quinn and Mama Rose. Every time Quinn would see a new animal she would say "ooohhhh" and then say the animal's name. Like "mokee" for monkey.
Enjoying a little lunch.
She kept saying "hand, hand" because she wanted to hold the fish in her hand!
We are taking a picture in front of Quinn's favorite animal, the Elephant! Can you see him in the background (over my right shoulder)? Every time Quinn sees one she gets really excited and tries to make the trumpet sound.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Room Re-Do

So a few months ago I decided to re-do the decorations in Quinn's room. I was getting bored of the pink and brown and then found this really cute pink, orange, and brown fabric. I guess its kind of similar to the old set but it was too pretty to resist. So far I've made a couple of throw pillows and the wall hanging above her crib. I had a cute little bumper that I made as well but a few weeks after I put it in her crib, I noticed her stepping on it and almost falling out of her crib. So of course I immediately took that out. Next I'll make a bed skirt and I may even try my first ever quilt. We will see.

One of my good friends has a photography business (Giggles and Bliss) and just recently started a paper company called Giggles and Ink. I sent her a picture of the wall hanging I made (right) and she made the name poster on the left to match!! I think I'll frame it and hang that up in the room too. To see more of her great products visit

I still have a ways to go but it will come together eventually. And as for the rest of the house....oh boy- THAT will take some time.

I'm a Grown-Up!

Lately Quinn has been doing some very grown up pretend play. Here are some pictures of her in action:

She's wearing my bra here! She'll walk around and say "baa". Ha, ha!!
It thought this was so cute- She hung her purse like I hang her diaper bag on the shopping cart and placed her baby where she sits when we go shopping! She'll walk around the house and place different things in the cart and say "shop".
She'll put this purse on and walk around saying "buh bye".

Too funny!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


This has been a bit of a rough week for my family. We were supposed to head to Kauai, Hawaii with my parents on Tuesday of last week when we found out that my Grandma Libby passed away. We immediately canceled our trip and headed to New Mexico to be with our loved ones. I'd like to share a little something written by my brother, Eric:

"As a well spent day brings happy sleep so a life well spent brings happy death. With love i am happy you embark on your new journey, always in my thoughts and prayers may you rest in the peace you greatly deserve Gramma Libby..."

I think it is so fitting for the circumstances. Although we will miss her terribly, we are so happy she is finally at peace.

Here is my favorite picture of four generations of lovely ladies:
Danita, Grandma, Quinn, Mom

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July with Quinn! Last year she was way to little to be able to know what was even going on, so this year Jaime really wanted to take her to see some fireworks. It was great! More on that later...

We started the day with a nice long trip to the neighborhood pool which wore Quinn out enough to take a 3 hour nap! We then went over to some great friends of ours, Scott and Cassie, for a nice BBQ! Quinn had a blast and developed a love hate relationship with their little dog, Lex. She was enthralled by him but once he got a little too close she wasn't so sure after all. By the end of the BBQ, she was letting him kiss (lick) her hand. I am so disappointed that I didn't remember to bring my camera to capture some of these funny moments!

The golf course in our neighborhood was hosting a big fire work show but we didn't want to actually go the course because we knew it would be really packed and we weren't sure how Quinn would take the loud noises of the fire works. So instead we drove to the end of our neighborhood and watched from there. We weren't the only ones with this idea, there were several other families who did the same. The light show turned out to be pretty amazing! We actually got to see the light show in Cedar Park and the one in Leander at the golf course from where we parked. Quinn loved the fireworks and kept saying "more" once one was finished. Here are some pics of the fun night:
Walking around outside before the fire work show.

Quinn also enjoyed a very fun 4th of July play date last week at her friend Leah's house. Here are a few pics:
I love it how they're all just looking at eachother!

My New Live-In Maid!

Well....I wish. Quinn is the next best thing to a maid though! Here are a couple of pictures where she is helping me clean. She is so cute- she'll grab a duster or rag and start wiping something down while saying "clean". Too funny!