Thursday, February 23, 2012


Wow, things have been busy, busy, busy in Casa de Pina lately.  Both kiddos are doing really well and keeping us on our toes.  Joshua is going to be five months in a couple days and we've started to plan for Quinn's 3rd birthday coming up in April!  One of my girlfriends shared this quote with me "When you are a mom the days go by slowly but the years go by fast.".  Very, very true.  I blinked and now I have a little girl, not a baby and not really a toddler anymore and also have an infant, not a newborn anymore. 

In Quinn's world we are still enjoying dance class every Monday morning and will be getting ready for her Spring performance soon.  We got a spot at the Mother's Day Out program at our church (yay!) which will start in September.  She will go twice a week from 9-1 and I think it will be just great for her.  New friends and new things to learn, what could be better?

Joshua is growing like a weed.  He's huge!  He's also getting his first tooth on the bottom and has been a little fussy here and there from that.  He sleeps about 6-7 hours a night before waking up for a feeding, I'll take it! 

Here are a few pictures of what has been going on around the house lately:

Good morning! 

Weather has been wonderful lately and has been perfect for lots of walking and bike riding!

This momma has been hitting it hard in bootcamp and eating meals with lower calories.  I've been getting lots of great recipes from, check it out!  This spinach lasagna was delish!

Joshua's eyes are glued to Quinn 24-7.  It is so cute!  He gets very excited when he sees her and will smile and squeal at her when she talks or pays attention to him.  Adorable!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Haircut

At four months old?!!  We actually needed to cut Joshua's hair a couple months ago but just were too worried about how we were going to do it, especially since we wasn't really holding his head up at that point.  Well, now that he is able to hold his head up a little bit better and since it was beginning to look like he was sporting a mullet, we decided to give him a little trim.  Jaime is going to be the live-in barber for Joshua until he is old enough to pay for his own haircut!  I think it looks cute!

The before- get a good look at that mullet!

The whole family wanted in on this event!

Another before shot- yikes it was bad!

Still Can't Believe....

We're a family of four!