Saturday, December 13, 2008


This is the bedding we've decided to use in the room. We're planning on painting the wall above the paneling the light pink color (like the bed skirt). Too much fun!

Quinn's bedroom (the before)

So Jaime and I decided to start working on the bedroom that will soon be occupied by our little lady. After spending an entire day looking at bedding sets and accessories, we finally agreed on a cute little set that has pink, khaki, brown, and white stripes as well as the same colors in a sort of polka dot swirl pattern. Neither one of us realized how incredibly stressful (and expensive) this little venture was going to be. Anyway, somehow during our day of shopping Jaime decided that he wanted to put up chair-rail in her room also. Chair rail is sort of like crown molding but will be placed on the wall about three feet from the floor. We're going to keep the bottom portion under the rail the khaki color that we already have in the room and paint the top portion "angel pink". The pictures I've posted show the room in complete disarray. Jaime's got quite a full plate now: install rail, paint rail, paint walls, put together furniture, and a nightly foot rub/back massage for his leading lady :). Hopefully things will start to come together in the next few weeks, our little Quinn surely cannot live in a room of this manner!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Perfectly Precious in . . . PINK!!

Jaime and I had our much awaited and anticipated ultrasound last Thursday. We found out that we're having a GIRL!! I was lying on the exam table (already with tears welled up in my eyes) when our RN asked us if we were interested in finding out the sex. Before she was able to finish her sentence Jaime and I both yelled "yes!". Once she told us that we're having a girl, Jaime jumped out of his seat and exclaimed "I knew it!". At that moment I nearly lost my breath, and my composure. There are not enough words to explain how excited and thrilled I was, not only because we were able to find out the sex but also to know that she looks healthy and growing as she should. We were able to see the little princess move. She was turning her head from side to side and slapping her hand on the placenta. We've decided to name our little lady Quinn Marie. We are so in love with her and cannot hardly wait to finally meet her!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pretty in Pink or Bruiser in Blue???

16 days and counting (almost to the minute) until we find out what the little one is. From the day we found out we were expecting, Jaime has thought we were having a girl. He can't really say why he thinks this but just has a gut feeling. I've gone back and forth and most recently (within the last month or so) have been feeling like we're having a boy. I actally had a vivid dream the other night that our baby was here and was in fact a boy. We've done most of the "Old Wives Tales", each one with a different result. One thing is for sure though, we're either having a boy or a girl. :)

Baby Flutters

Jaime and I are in absolute amazement this week. The baby is nearly 5 inches and we can actually feel it move! One night last week we were sitting on the couch watching TV and Jaime just happened to have his hand on my belly when the baby gave us a nice big "I'm here" punch! We were stunned! The feeling of these "flutters" is so indescribable. Most of the books I've read have said that many women report the feeling to be similar to butterflies in your stomach when you're nervous. Other mothers have told me that it feels like tiny air bubbles or pockets of air. I can't really say that it feels like either of these, more like a tiny, soft internal pinch. All I can say is that everytime I feel the sensation I get so overwhelmed with excitement I can hardly stand it. This has happened several times lately when I've been teaching and I can't help but smile. Oh, while I'm on the topic of my students- one asked me today if the baby is getting heavy because it looks like it is growing. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Peanut Grows

I am now 14 weeks along in this journey called pregnancy. I am now wearing full fledged maternity clothes, which has been quite an ordeal. It seems that all maternity shops, and even regular clothing stores with maternity clothes, think that women who are pregnant want to wear moo-moos. And no, not all pregnant people wear an XXXXL either. I guess I'll have sacrifice a little bit of style over the next six months. I'm sure those moo-moos will come in quite handy in the eight and ninth month!

The Peanut is still going strong. I'm awaiting baby flutters which I've heard feel sort of like butterflies in your stomach. The books I've read tell me that this should happen sometime this month, can't wait!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, baby!

Jaime and I are so excited and blessed to be awaiting the birth of our first child. As of today, I am 13 weeks along. This week is the start of the second trimester. I was hoping that I'd be feeling a little less nauseous than the first trimester, but unfortunately the feeling has not completely gone away.

Our next ultrasound in December will reveal the sex of our "Little Peanut". Keep your fingers crossed that the baby will be in a position for us to see if it is a she or a he! Jaime keeps saying that he just knows it is going to be a girl, I'm not really sure why. My Dad has told Jaime that when my Mom was pregnant with my sister and I, he just knew we were going to be boys, needless to say we weren't. He then thought when my Mom was pregnant with my brother that we has getting another girl, and he got a boy! I guess this goes to show that you can't be quite sure until you see the ultrasound! On our first ultrasound our baby had a heartbeat of 150. Our Doctor told us that a normal heartbeat is between 120 and 180, usually a girl's heart will beat faster. Since our baby's heartbeat was smack dab in the middle of the two we really have no clue what we're getting!

Other than the anxiety of wondering what we're having, things seem to be going pretty well. We have really enjoyed several of our books which have really enlightened us on the pregnancy process. We have one great book that gives us week to week updates as well as pictures. We just found out that the Peanut is now about 4 inches from head to rump! Just about the size of a bobble head! :)

Breaking the blog in

I recently had a friend give me a great idea; start a blog to keep friends and family updated as to the latest in the life of Danita (thanks Cassie)! I'll use this space to post pics and blogs here and there. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this as much as I'd like!