Saturday, March 27, 2010


Quinn loves getting a hold of my glasses. She's such a glam baby!

Papa and Grandma Visit!

For spring break, Papa Gene and Grandma Juanita came from New Mexico to visit. We had such a great time with them and Quinn especially enjoyed all of the extra attention she was getting! Here are some pics from their visit:
Enjoying the weather while going on a walk.
I love how this picture shows three different things going on. My Dad was showing Jaime how to hook some bait on his fishing rod, Quinn was watching another little boy fishing, and my Mom was watching little Miss Q. We have the coolest pond in our neighborhood that is stocked with fish so we spent some time enjoying the weather while casting a line.
<3 her to pieces

Friday, March 26, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Our laptop has been down the past couple weeks and won't be up and running until the 31st of this month. :( Jaime and I have now realized how much we rely on that thing day to day. I have lots of blogging to do but can't stand using my phone to try and do it so I'll wait until our computer works again. Just in case you were wondering...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Bookworm

Quinn is so interested in books, and has been since she was old enough to hold her head up. She loves looking at the pictures and turning pages. She has a few that are her favorite and she will push them over to me or her Daddy so that we can read them to her. Lately, I've noticed that she points to the pictures like I do when I read to her. She's so cute!

Spring Time, Swing Time!!

It was such beautiful weather here yesterday-it almost reached 80 degrees! We spent a lot of time outside since it was so nice. Quinn and I took a walk around the neighborhood in the morning, rode around on the deck in her lion car in the afternoon, and had some fun on the swing before Daddy came home from work. She was exhausted when it was time for bed!

Fun with Papa

We had a small BBQ here on Saturday afternoon to thank all of the people who helped us move and get settled into the new house. The only shots I got were that of Quinn playing with leaves in the backyard with her Papa James. I need to get better about remembering to pull the camera out when we have guests over!