Saturday, September 25, 2010

Game Day and Catch Up

Oh boy, where have I been lately? Under a rock? More like under a pile of fabric. I've been sewing my little tail off, as usual, and have not had much time to do a blog post. Thought I'd do one quick one before my mom comes to visit on Monday--YIPEE!!--.

Today is game day and I can say Jaime didn't get a boy but did get a girl that loves football! There is a little park next to our house and lately it has been filled with little football playing kids. Every time we drive by she shouts "FOOTBALL!!". Today I told her we needed to get her football skirt and she screamed "Yay, football!!". She even likes to see it on TV. Well, she'll scream "football in there!!" when she sees it on TV and will watch for about 2.5 seconds and then will be off on to the next thing.

This past week we also joined the gym and have been going in the afternoons. This is the first time that Quinn has been away from me (in the care of a stranger) and it has been a little difficult. The first time I took her she was so excited to play with the new toys and was okay after I left, for about 15 minutes. Then I was told she started asking for me and crying. The next few times she knew right away when we pulled up to the gym that she would be going to the child care place and said "home, home". She's cried when I leave her but is okay a couple minutes later and then cries again when she sees me coming to pick her up. Hopefully sometime soon we'll get to the point that she likes to go and play with the new toys and kids, we'll see. But I'm not giving up. Believe me, I need the time away from her just as much as she needs it from me!

Have a wonderful weekend!