Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Park City, UT

Last week, Jaime and I headed to Park City, UT (sans child) for a ski trip.  My Mom came to town to watch Quinn for us while we were gone and I must say that Quinn did extremely well with us gone!  We called her everyday and from the sounds of it, she was having a blast and not missing us too much!  Jaime skied and snowboarded everyday and since I couldn't ski being pregnant, I enjoyed being pampered at the spa, shopping, resting, and reading.  We were gone for seven days which was the longest we'd been away from her so we were ready to see her by the end of it! 

I really didn't get many pictures of trip, here are the few I took:

So beautiful!  And cold- this day the high was in the 30s.

Can you believe it?  Jaime broke his arm on the second to last day while he was snowboarding!!  He's getting casted today and we'll see if he needs surgery- yikes!

Loving the snow falling.

Pack Me In Your Suitcase!

Last weekend we were packing for our ski trip to Park City, UT and just thought it was so funny that Quinn wanted us to pack her up!  She even asked for a pillow to lay on.

Pretending to be asleep.


We headed out to the Austin Rodeo two weekends ago- it was a blast!  When Jaime told Quinn we were going to the rodeo, Quinn said "I'm gonna ride a pony!!".  Thank goodness they actually had pony rides for the little ones!

This girl is FEARLESS of animals!  She was petting all of the animals, even the giant Llama!  She must have inherited her love for animals from her Daddy!

Couldn't hardly wait to ride the pony!

She kept yelling "Yeehaw!!" while riding her pony.  Too fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This weekend was the annual Kite Festival at Zilker Park.  Quinn, Jaime, and his parents met up for a morning of kite flying fun!  I stayed home and cleaned (I know, how fun, right?), napped, and got a pedicure with a good friend of mine.  I was amazed at how much I was able to get done with no distractions!  Here are some pictures of their fun day:

Jaime let Quinn pick out her own kite- she chose Barbie.
Jaime's parents said that she was so involved in the kite flying that strangers would walk by and comment on how great a kite flyer she was!

After the kite festival, Quinn went to Jaime's parents and napped and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with them.  I thought it was so funny when we picked her up and I asked her if she had fun she said: "The little girl was hurting me."  I asked where she was when this happened and who the girl was and all she said was "At the playground, the little girl hit me on my head.".  Well after talking to Jaime's parents, it turns out a little girl was going to go down a slide and Quinn was going after her, the girl accidentally bumped Quinn on the head with her elbow.  I just thought it was so cute that she actually told me what happened!  This is a first!  But I'm sure not a last!

Jump, Jump!

This weekend we went to the local bounce house here.  It was a treat to have Daddy with us since we usually go alone or with the playgroup.  Of course, Quinn just has the time of her life there and can't get enough.  It was a little hard to get her in any good pictures since she moves so darn quick!

I know her bangs seem extra long here- I'm letting them grow out so we're in a bit of an awkward stage!

I'm pretty sure when she woke up from her nap that afternoon she said "Go big bounce?" while nodding very persuasively. 

Daddy's Girl

Just thought that in this bath picture, Quinn really resembles Jaime.  They are becoming best buds and I'm sure will become even tighter once the new pineapple arrives.  One thing is for sure, Quinn ADORES her Daddy!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Better (& Bigger)

Excited to say that the nausea is getting better!  I got on a prescription (Zofrin sp?) which seemed to help out a bit.  While in Phoenix last week I felt pretty good so I decided to cut the medication in 1/2 and still felt good.  This week, I eliminated it altogether and still feel good!  From time to time, I'll feel nauseous but it is nothing compared to what it was a couple weeks ago.  Yay!

This time around my baby bump came wayyyyyy faster than with Quinn.  I'm already showing, and I'm only 9 weeks!  Yikes!  I'll try to post a pic sometime soon.

Weather is great so I think we're off on a walk to the park.  Hope you are enjoying the Spring like weather as we are!