Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter 2014

I didn't capture as many photos of Easter as I would've liked to this year but was able to get a few at Quinn's school hunt.  I could tell she felt like such a proud big sister as she kept saying "Guys!  This is my baby brother!".  And Joshua really loved being there with all the big kids, although it was not easy explaining to him that he was only allowed to put 12 eggs in his basket!

Joshua 2.5

Half way to three!!  This little man is still more obsessed with tractors than ever and can identify a John Deere when he sees one.  One of his favorite pastimes is driving by a construction site and naming the different tractors.  One morning after dropping Quinn off at school we hit up the local Lowe's and test drove a few lawn mowers.

A close second to his love for tractors is his love of sand, dirt, mud and digging in it, usually with a tractor.  He was in heaven at the Austin Nature Center in the gigantic sand pit!

It has been fun to spend some one on one time with Joshua while Quinn is in school.  Here is another at the nature center:

Joshua loves to stand outside and watch the trash truck every week and always comes inside to stand on the stairwell and pretend he's working on the "frash fruck".

It's hard to tell in this photo but this is a typical day playing outside, covered in dirt!

He says "take picture me!"

A Frozen Birthday

Well much like every young girl in America, Quinn quickly became obsessed with the Disney movie Frozen.  With it being so popular it was a bit challenging to find anything from the movie, but we made it happen.  We had the hardest time finding an Elsa princess dress up gown for Quinn and tried so hard since she did so many chores to earn one while I was on crutches.  We finally found one and had the most elated little girl in town!!

Here is Elsa in all her ice magic glory!

There's nothing like a 100 pound Frozen piƱata!

We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members to share such a special day with us.  Quinn truly was queen for a day and loved every single minute of it!

Our FIVE year old!!

Our little lady is 5!!!! She is so full of life in her own creative, sassy, energetic way.  Every day is something new with her and she continues to keep us on our toes every single minute!!

Dress up happens daily around here, seriously!  I think we go through at least three different outfits per day.

This is what happens when allergies collide with a five year old that no longer naps!

I will really, really, really be sad on the day she stops making sweet cards, pictures, and crafts for Jaime and I!

Quinn loved getting prissed up before her school graduation photos.  This brought back so many memories for me as we did this so many times as little girls!

And...finished product (with a side of allergies)!

Off to school!

At a friend's birthday party- she will NEVER pass up an opportunity to ride a pony!

More dress up during rest time or as she calls it "recreational activities".

Quinn and her sweet friend from school, Delaney.  These two met last year and were attached at the hip since day one.  We are so thankful for such sweet friends!!

Girls just wanna have fun!  They had such a blast playing dress up and using hair chalk.  And don't they look like twins??