Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Joshua is 23 months!!

Holy moly!  Joshua is almost two years and changing and growing by the minute.  He is really doing so much talking and is like a little parrot.  He especially likes to mimic Quinn and will basically say and do everything she does, it really is so cute.  He has recently started saying I love you "I wub ou" and thank you "dant ou".  One thing he has started doing is so cute when I'll ask "who wants crackers?"  He come running at me with hands in the air yelling "meeeeeee!!!".

He has so much fun taking the baskets from our entry bench and getting in and out of them.

One sure way to get through a shopping trip to Costco is by letting the little man have a lollipop.  I've learned since taking this picture that blue is not the way to go!

This picture melts my heart!  Joshua continues to love his sleep and still takes a nap in the afternoon for about 2-3 hours.  He absolutely loves his bear "ber" and has now started to sleep with Barney "Boby".

Many days are spent outside in this little car, pink and all!

Give Joshua a construction hat and a truck and he'll be happy for hours, literally!!  This picture was taken at the Austin Children's Museum where he had a blast in the construction zone.

Oh boy, again doing the same thing Quinn is- cooking in the play kitchen.