Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Boys

Jaime has made me such a proud wife! I always knew he was a good athlete but this past year he has really become an expert runner. He had a 10K race this past weekend and finished 87th out of 20,000+ people! He finished with an average mile time of 6 minutes and 8 seconds. That is like sprinting! Jaime has put so much hard work and dedication into his running and training for each race so I was so proud to see him do so well. Of course he was disappointed in his finish, he said he was 38 seconds away from a personal goal, but I thought he did fantastic. Here is his latest race pic...until his next race.
Minutes away from the finish line

My other boy, Joshua, is six months old today!  How did that happen??  We had his six month well check today and he continues to grow like a weed.  He is in the 50th percentile for weight at 17 lbs., 74th percentile for height and 88th percentile for head circumference.  Just like his sister he was born with a big head--its got to be so big to hold all of those smarty brain cells. ;)  We are back to normal in the sleeping department (thank goodness) and he prefers to sleep on his tummy now that he is done using his swaddle.  He just looks so cute in his crib I could stare at him all night long.  He's such an easy going and laid back little guy.  I always say he's just along for the ride at this point!  Love him to pieces..

Celebrating his half year birthday as we run errands at Wally World. ;)

All the excitement of the day made this big boy so tired! 

Quirky Quinn

There is never a dull moment in the life of Quinn.  I tell Jaime that from the minute she wakes up until the minute she goes to bed she is a non stop chatter box who is full of energy and life.  This is the personality that she saves for only the closest people to her.  If you see her anywhere else you might think she is somewhat quiet and calm.  Its a trick people, she's quite the opposite!  The other morning we were in the car pretty early as we were headed to watch Jaime run a 10K and I wanted her to just rest (well mostly wanted Joshua to sleep) so I told her we were just going to listen to the music and relax a little and she says "Why?"  My reply was so that we could let Joshua nap.  And of course I got another "Why?"  which led to about 20  more "Why?s".  Then somewhere in the mix of the 20 questions sessions she started playing her harmonica!  So silly!  Ahh, to be almost three!

Quinn has been asking for a watering pail for so long and I finally found one a Hobby Lobby.  $2.00 really bought us a lot of entertainment!

This is what we do when it rains outside.  Silly girl was so sad when we had to wash it off before bed though!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Eye' yai yai

And the eyes have it! Literally, Joshua has pink eye and the rest of us are doing just about anything not to get it as well! Poor guy has had a rough couple of days! Yesterday I found him in his crib on his stomach, in his swaddle! Yikes! I guess he learned how to roll over during his nap. I immediately decided that it was time for the swaddle to go. And the rest of the day went downhill from there. His first nap without his swaddle went something like this: 30 minutes of ear shattering screaming and crying and 20 minutes of sleep. His next nap was a little better but not by much, 20 minutes of screaming and crying and 35 minutes of sleep. The night was the WORST. He seriously woke up every hour and would scream and cry and fall back asleep. I am praying that tonight goes much smoother. I mean we were going from 10 hours of solid sleep to what it is like when you have a newborn! Ahhh!!

Poor dude!

I got some new glasses and Quinn has been sporting hers too!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

New 'do!

This weekend I took Quinn with me to the salon I get my hair done for a girls day of getting our 'hair did'!  Before he headed to the salon we looked at some pictures of little girl hair styles and she picked out a bob.  I think its adorable!  She did so well and took the whole thing very seriously.  Here are a few pics: