Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This weekend Jaime ran an "anniversary" 5K. The Caleb 5K was the first race Jaime ran exactly a year ago and he wanted to see how much he'd improved. I'll say going from 7 minute miles to 5 minute miles is quite the accomplishment!! This year he came in first place overall, out of 1,000+ people with a time of 17:40!  Woohooooo!! I was beyond proud as I watched him run this race, he is relentless!

Daddy's biggest fans!!
Great start
Here is Jaime's buddy, Scott who also had an amazing finish time, and with a stroller and toddler in tow!!
Race leaders

This is Jaime behind the pace car.  It looks like no one else is even running in the race!

1st place winner!


Fish Lips

Quinn took swimming lessons at the YMCA back in June and had the best time ever! This year she swam without me (last year we did the parent/child class) and I think this was the best thing for her. She was so open to do much more with her teacher than I think she would have been with me swimming with her. I'm so grateful for these lessons as she has become so confident in the water. Hopefully as she continues to grow she'll love swimming as much as we do! I called her fish lips because every time she swims and gets a little cold her lips turn purple, it is the cutest thing!
This was the last day, water safety day.  The kids all learned how to put on a life jacket and the importance of using one.

Look how serious Quinn is in the raft!

Here she is saving her teacher.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Firecracker 5k

I started running just about nine weeks ago and decided to try my first 5k on the fourth of July. It was in Lago Vista and was pretty hilly which made it a little harder than I had expected, but I finished and that was really my main goal. Jaime and the kids joined along with his running group so you can imagine they all finished quite a bit earlier than I did. Even with our double jogger and two kids in it Jaime placed 8th! I won't really disclose what place I got- it was somewhere in the middle of the group.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ice Cream!!

Just a few pics of Quinn with her love, ice cream. She was super excited to get a free cone from Mcdonald's as part of the library reading club and was even more excited to eat the homemade strawberry ice cream she made with Mama Rose!

Swim Class

Quinn took swimming lessons in June and really enjoyed them! Last year we did the parent/child class so I swam with her but this year she was in a small group with one teacher. I think this worked out really well because she seems to want to learn and listen so much better when it is a teacher and not me. She seems so much more confident in the water and loves to show us her new tricks.

Sweet Boy is Nine Months Old!

Wow (again) I simply cannot believe Joshua is nine months old. He is three months away from being one year old and sometimes I just wish there was a slow down button you could press to make more time with your children!

I really wasn't sure if it would be possible to love another child as much as we love Quinn and really worried about that when I was pregnant. How wrong was I!?! My heart has grown so full of love for both of our kiddos and I simply cannot imagine life without either of them.

Some tid bits of Joshua as a nine month old:

-He weighs 19 lbs., big boy!
-Eats like a champ- loves to eat whatever we're having
-Has two bottom teeth
-Says dada, baba
-Will wave when Jaime leaves for work
-his favorite song is "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and squeals with excitement when you start to sing it to him
-Just started to do an army crawl today- not crawling with his belly lifted off the ground yet but will when he's ready
-Sleeps from about 6:30 pm to 6:30 am
-Can stand with support
-LOVES to be held by mommy and daddy a lot still
-Continues to be laid back and go with the flow- we drove in the car with him for about five hours and didn't hardly have any complaining!
-Not to fond of strangers

Here are a couple of pictures of Joshua in his ninth month, he got a haircut this week and it's way short!