Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Morning!

Just wanted to post a picture of Quinn on the morning of her first time sleeping all the way through the night! Let's hope this continues!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Little Swimmer!

Ok, so not quite swimming yet, sitting in the sprinklers counts though right? I joined a playgroup called T.O.T.S. (toddlers of teachers) and went to one of the member's today for a little backyard water park fun! The water park consisted of an inflatable mat with small spouts of water shooting out. It was perfect for Quinn's first taste of water fun! I sat her in her little bumbo seat and put that on the mat. At first she was not too sure about the water hitting her, but after awhile I think she forgot all about that and was more interested in watching the other kiddos! It was a great time and we look forward to many more outings with our T.O.T.S. friends!
Again-sorry for the poor quality of photo, this was taken by my cell phone.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 Month Pics

Quinn will be 3 months old in about three days, wow time sure does fly by! We had her 3 month pics taken by Brianna Foulds, check out her website:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're baaaaack!

We just returned from our visit to New Mexico for our family reunion. If you read my last post before we left, you might remember how nervous Jaime and I were to take Quinn on her first plane trip. What were we so worried about? She was fantastic!! She smiled, looked around at all of the new people, slept, ate, slept some more and we were there! She also did quite well on our 3 hour drive to the Angel Fire Mountains where our reunion was- all she did was sleep! We had such a great time catching up with all of our family members while away. Quinn finally was able to meet her four cousins: Bo, Troy, Andrew, and Olivia. She had such a fun time watching Bo and Troy (especially Troy since he's a baby like her too!). And Andrew and Olivia had a ball singing and dancing to keep Quinn entertained. We had a fantastic time and can't wait until our next trip!

It was so cold in Angel Fire that we had to dress Quinn in her jammies and hat! She had a great time here laughing at her Dad being silly!

Quinn is sitting with her cousin Olivia.

We also celebrated Andrew's 8th birthday!

With Great-Grandma Eppie and Great-Papa Fred.

Four Generations! Great-Grandma Libby, Grandma Juanita, Danita, Quinn.

Again with cousins Andrew and Olivia.

With Great-Papa Fred.

Quinn and Dad were sooooo tired! Quinn was tired from our plane ride home and Daddy was tired from his golf tournament.

So after looking through my pictures, I realized that we didn't get a picture with Quinn's cousins Bo and Troy! Ugh! We must have been too busy playing to think about pictures. We will definitely have to remember this when they visit us in August!