Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Joshua 2.5

Half way to three!!  This little man is still more obsessed with tractors than ever and can identify a John Deere when he sees one.  One of his favorite pastimes is driving by a construction site and naming the different tractors.  One morning after dropping Quinn off at school we hit up the local Lowe's and test drove a few lawn mowers.

A close second to his love for tractors is his love of sand, dirt, mud and digging in it, usually with a tractor.  He was in heaven at the Austin Nature Center in the gigantic sand pit!

It has been fun to spend some one on one time with Joshua while Quinn is in school.  Here is another at the nature center:

Joshua loves to stand outside and watch the trash truck every week and always comes inside to stand on the stairwell and pretend he's working on the "frash fruck".

It's hard to tell in this photo but this is a typical day playing outside, covered in dirt!

He says "take picture me!"

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